Should We Buy Stocks In A Bear Market?

Here’s a question I’m getting from those with long term outlooks during this COVID-19 crisis: Is now a good time to buy stocks? As of noon on March 25th, Canadian stocks were down 25% over the past month. If that doesn’t scream ‘buy’ I’m not sure what does. But we don’t live in a vacuum. it’s really… Continue Reading

Weight Management & Money Management

For many, managing money is like managing weight. You get burned by a purchase or gain a few pounds, you feel lousy. You save $100 or lose a few pounds, you feel great. But winning over the long haul requires sustainable, and proven strategies. And the strategies to succeed in both categories are very similar.… Continue Reading

Don’t Do What Our Governments Do

When you hear about our federal or provincial government deficits, it’s always interesting to take note of the language used. It’s rare that you hear that our deficit is actually in decline. We usually hear a politician bragging that the deficit is growing at a slower rate, or that a government is trying to grow… Continue Reading

Charity at the Checkout

Is it just me? Is it just me who is annoyed every time I’m forced to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when asked if I want to contribute to some obscure charity at the check-out counter? In my book, charitable giving is a very personal thing. My wife and I try to keep our giving to… Continue Reading

Is Bank Bashing at an All-time Peak?

When we look at the popular culture of late, you’d think that the big banks were robbing the poor to feed the rich. Just look at the premises of recent American movies ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Going In Style’ – where big financial institutions are being blamed for the fall of… Continue Reading

Understanding CPP and OAS

Knowing when to retire is a complicated calculation. And it’s never just about the numbers. You need to be ready to use the time effectively, replacing the time you spent at work with pursuits that fulfill you – whether it’s hobbies, helping out family, travel, community clubs, sporting pursuits or friendships. When it comes to… Continue Reading

Discipline might be the thing missing

Just this past week I received a telemarketing call from a bank. They were pleased to offer me an interest rate of under 3% for whatever I might need. And would I have interest in taking advantage of this special rate? Now, this might seem like a normal call anyone might receive these days. But… Continue Reading

How to Control your Spending

There comes a point in just about everyone’s life when you decide you want to limit your spending. Maybe it’s your overall spending to get rid of some debt or as you prepare for a fixed-income retirement, or perhaps you just want to reduce your spending in a particular ‘leaky’ category. No matter the reason,… Continue Reading

What to do about the New Fee Disclosures

The first questions that I suspect will come from the lips of Canadians finding out how much their advisor is paid (as required by the end of 2016), will be ‘Why didn’t I know this sooner?’ ‘How come she didn’t tell me?’ and perhaps ‘What should I do about this?’. While I can’t answer the… Continue Reading

Disclosure of Fees is Coming

You may not know it but 2016 marks a year of disruption for the financial services industry. Regulatory change, specifically the initiative entitled ‘CRM2’, will require all mutual fund companies and advisors to disclose – for the first time – the full amount being paid to advisors for their services. It will no longer be… Continue Reading

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