“My wife and I had been searching for a flat fee-only Certified Financial Planner for a few years and we were very happy to have found Trevor at his open house in Niagara! From our first meeting to our final session Trevor made us feel very comfortable on how we were spending our money. Trevor also helped coach us on investing and added more clarity and confidence on how we were investing our money. He made us feel that we were making the right decisions for our retirement which was definitely a great feeling! We enjoyed working with Trevor and we look forward to maintaining an ongoing relationship with him through his Retainer benefit! We encourage anyone to meet Trevor by requesting his FREE 45-minute Money Coaching consultation… we are certainly glad we did!”

– Pat and ‎Mary Anne G., Fonthill

“Trevor carefully examined our financial affairs and listened to what our goals were for the future. He then proceeded to show us how to better manage our money and how to eliminate expenses which were costing us hundreds of dollars every month. That alone paid for our sessions! Trevor is non-judgmental in his approach, yet realistic and direct with his advice. I would highly recommend Niagara Region Money Coaches to anyone who truly wants to learn how to manage their finances – his services exceeded our expectations.”

– Bill and Laura H., Niagara-On-The-Lake

“If you want to gain a better understanding of money, debt, passive investing or you just want to get your spending and debt levels under control, I highly recommend that you engage Trevor’s services. His simple, pragmatic approach and years of experience will provide you with a successful roadmap for the future that will include an education and financial peace of mind.”

– Ian R., St. Catharines

“We met with Trevor as a pre-wedding gift to ourselves.  He worked with us to eliminate debt and plan for future life stages.  Now married and with our plan in full execution, we have achieved the stable financial footing that we were seeking. Thank you, Trevor.”

– Mark and Angela D., Ajax

“Our engagement was well worth it! Trevor would be especially helpful for younger and middle-aged singles and couples to meet their long term investment and lifestyle goals.”

– Doug and Janet B., Welland

“With our first-born on the way, Kim and I felt it was essential to get our Financial Plan in order.  We already understood the power of money and the importance of paying yourself first, but we needed coaching to implement our investment strategy and added confidence that we were making the right decisions for our family’s future.  Trevor provided this coaching and confidence plus so much more!  He was fantastic to work with and provided us with additional professionals to work with, within his fantastic professional network.  Thanks, Trevor.”

– M. and K. Koolhaas, Toronto

“Trevor was non-judgmental and very respectful and understanding of our situation which made it easy to open up about our missteps.  Tracking our expenses has always been difficult for some reason, but with Trevor we were able to put in place a system that worked.  As a result, we’re now tackling our debt head-on and we feel great about it.”

– Robert and Helene E., Mississauga

“Working with Trevor has been a very positive experience. I’ve learned a lot about money management, and have a far clearer picture of my financial situation than I had before. I’ve learned to become disciplined in tracking my expenses and income, and Trevor has helped me find ways to save money and better manage financial risk. I finally feel that I’m in control of my money, not the other way around!”

– Dwight W., Niagara Falls

“When we came to Trevor, we had already paid off our debts, except the mortgage. We had many questions about prioritizing long and short term savings, RESP contributions, and paying down the mortgage. Trevor educated us about investing and helped us to develop a go-forward plan that we are implementing today. Thanks Trevor!”

– S.J. and K.J., Courtice

“We had a very enjoyable experience with Trevor and learned many things. Tracking our expenses was an important exercise and gave us new insight on how to curb spending on the less important things in our life. We are implementing his recommendations into our daily routine and looking forward to our retirement. Thanks, Trevor!”

– Taylor and Monica W., St. Catharines

“Although an enthusiastic do-it-yourself investor I realized that there was much that I did not know, and skills that I was lacking. Last year when my wife and I were contemplating retirement we turned to Trevor for impartial advice and guidance. It was a huge relief for us to have someone else double check our plans and suggest some great ideas to improve them. Because of Trevor’s analysis and advice I had the confidence to finally make a date for retirement and follow it through successfully. Using Trevor’s calculations, and spreadsheets we realized that we were actually richer than we thought and that gave us the peace of mind to make the right decision without worrying if we were doing the right thing.”

– Stephen W. and Cecilia O., Grimsby

“We are a mid-twenties couple who decided a few months ago to gain some serious control of our investments in order to reach our retirement comfortably. Trevor broke every concept down into easy to understand presentations and answered all of our questions. He not only taught us the concepts that make up a strong investment strategy, but also provided us with the tools and an easy execution/maintenance plan that will literally save us a fortune each year. We are now executing this plan with confidence and have an understanding that gives us peace of mind.”

– Tyler H. and Megan W., Moose Jaw [engagement via Skype]

“Being at retirement age I needed direction on how to properly budget and manage my finances.  Trevor was very effective in steering me down the right path, providing the education and tools to manage my expenses – and most importantly – help me maintain my current lifestyle.  Thank you, Trevor!”

– Lorraine A., Toronto

“We wish we could be writing this after working with Trevor 20 years ago.  We would have already put into place the plans we had worked out together and be enjoying our retirement years stress-free knowing that we had provided for ourselves and our children.  Having said that, we’re confident that will be the result 20 years from now.  The best time to plant a tree?  Twenty years ago.  Trevor has a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share to help people achieve control of their financial lives.  Our times with Trevor include a large amount of laughter – can learning about budgets, ETFs and debt really be so much fun?  YES!  He is very patient in explaining all this new terminology and is not dictating to us, but listening to us, and giving us the education we need to make our own decisions in the future.”

– Tim and Brenda G., Newmarket

“As my husband had managed our finances for 32 years, I had little experience and confidence with money matters. However, from our first meeting, with his positive, encouraging, non-judgmental attitude, Trevor made me feel so comfortable, that my thinking was just as valued as my husband’s. Over the course of several months, as he created a brilliant, innovative financial plan for us, Trevor got both of us excited about our financial future, and helped me to become confident in my ability to understand and participate in our on-going financial health.

Trevor’s professionalism is unparalleled; his comprehension, preparation, and presentation of our financial picture was first-class. As a teacher, I recognize that Trevor uses a variety of tools for a variety of learners: charts, diagrams, word explanations, analogies, on-line, hard copy, reference books, whatever the need and learning style of his audience, Trevor is an excellent teacher.

Apart from educating us, Trevor counselled us on: how to raise kids with good money sense, how to be financially equitable within families and wills, how to be generous without enabling. He coached us on Christmas giving, Education funds, Weddings, helping adult children financially, what to do and – especially – what not to do. Knowing that families so often come apart over money issues, we were deeply grateful for this personal aspect of Trevor’s service, which goes above and beyond the interest of most money advisors. Trevor is an exceptional Financial Coach but he is also a Life Coach, a Counsellor. A man of honesty, integrity, a man of Faith, Trevor is one professional we will keep with us on our journey through retirement.

Really, Trevor’s expertise is so valuable that, in the end, we are indebted to him only.”

– Elle Hanson, Niagara-On-The-Lake

“I have made many good decisions and this engagement has been one of my better ones. Being self-employed, I came to Trevor asking “How does one retire?”, and he guided me through a plan with detailed projections to answer that question more fully than I could have wished. Trevor is generous with his time, resources and expertise. In a completely non-judgmental way, he helped me understand where my money is going and how to plan better for the future. The peace of mind of knowing that things are in order, and that there is a plan in place, has been the biggest benefit for me. I have learned more about smart spending, saving, investing, and helping our children become more financially literate. Trevor continues to be an important part of my future plan, as he is available to consult as new questions come up, and offers referrals to other experts as needed. This new year promises to be even better now that I have been educated about how to make even better financial decisions.”

– Elisabeth L., Port Perry

“It is a great feeling to know that we could trust Trevor with our complete finances. He is very thorough in his work and guided us step by step to bring us to a place of feeling confident about our money and decisions regarding our retirement.”

– R. Torres and C. Kenopic, Whitby

“Trevor is an excellent guide, and this program is supportive, easy to understand and immediately actionable. I highly recommend it!”

– L. Berkovitz, Toronto

“Trevor showed us where our money was really going and turned us around.  His ability to respect our situation without any judgments made us feel very comfortable.  We learned a lot, including how to get our young children on the right track with money.”

– Lisa and Lou M., Stouffville

“Working with Trevor has been the best financial decision we’ve made in a long time.  We’ve been classic procrastinators when it comes to our financial planning, so Coach Trevor was the catalyst for us to make decisions and changes that will have a tangible, positive impact for us moving forward.  Plus, it was refreshing to visit with someone who is not only a financial expert but who wasn’t giving a sales pitch for specific products.  The investment with our Money Coach was money very well spent.”

– Rob and Tina H., Newmarket

“It is never too late to change the way you look, where you eat, who you eat with, how you get there, where ‘there’ is, and who helps you along the way – sometimes we just need a push. Trevor was that real, practical, honest, and inspiring shove we needed to shift our thinking about money and how we use it to take us in a different direction – one that is positive on so many levels. Thank you Trevor!”

– D. and A. Gervais, Dunnville

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