Planning and Enjoying Retirement

womanEven thinking about retirement is stressful for many. Some don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire. Others are retired but aren’t sure how long their money will last. And when should I take CPP? How should I invest my RRIF? Who to trust?

A Certified Financial Planner® – who sells no financial products – may be the answer. Detailed after-tax cash flow simulations will help you know when you can retire, how much you can afford to spend and know you’ll never run out.

Understanding how to invest is also important. Keeping fees as low as possible, your diversification as broad as possible and ensuring your personality is reflected in your strategy are all important factors with investing successfully.

Helping form great money habits for the next generation may also be on your mind. It’s actually more important than how much money you leave behind, and defines your financial legacy.

All the ‘what ifs’ should be explored and worked through. Because retirement isn’t all about the numbers – it should include discussions about family priorities, what lifestyle you want to enjoy, passing things down equitably and perhaps helping out loved ones.

Working alongside a Money Coach who thoroughly enjoys working with clients on every aspect of retirement planning, will put you at ease knowing a plan is in place to help you achieve whatever financial goals you have.

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