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The Right Life Insurance

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The Latte Effect

Fees For Advice Only

About Your Work Pension

Buying A Home

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Back Up Plans Are Important

What Has Changed These Past 10 Years

The End Of CERB

What Really Matters During These COVID Months

Know Your Fund M E R

The MOST Important Financial Number In Your Life

When To INVEST Your Money

Burned By A Sales Pitch

Money And Your Marriage

Loan Applications Are Up This Month

What Is Involved In A Money Coaching Engagement?

Kids And Money Seminar on Zoom

Thank You Contest For Our Health Care Professionals

One Take Away From This Crisis: Shopping Frequency Matters

Thinking About Your Financial Future Today

Adjustments To Make During This Crisis

Should We Buy Stocks When They Seem Cheap?

We Are In This Crisis Together:

What To Do When Markets Drop:

Beware Of Financial Advisors:

Being Self-Insured:

Love What You Do:

Deferred Sales Charges:

Lottery Ads Are Driving Me Crazy:

Passive Investing Is Finally Mainstream:

Home Renovations:

Dealing With Sudden Money:

Restaurant Spending Matters To Your Financial Future:

Gifting Large Amounts To Family:

What Exactly Is A Robo-Advisor?

Funding Your Child’s Wedding:

The Canada Summer Games Are Coming To Niagara:

The Spending Unspree:

ETFs Will Outpace Mutual Funds This Year:

The Importance Of Tracking Your Expenses:

How To Eliminate Debt – Maybe Not How You Think:

Make This The Year You Get Your Will Done:

How To Finally Dump Your Mutual Funds:

Olivia Shares How Young Adults Should Be Investing:

Olivia Shares Why We Should Save For Retirement:

Olivia Shares How To Save For The Big Things:

Spread Out Your RRSP Withdrawals:

14-Year Olds And Money:

The Value Of The Insurance Broker:

Giving Is The Right Thing To Do:

The Marshmallow Test:

Anxious Pre-Retirees:

Defining Rich And Poor:

Don’t Automatically Renew Anything:

Seniors And Debt:

Buy And Hold:

Wastage In Canada:

The Tortoise And The Hare:

Second Opinions:

Money Coaching Minutes:

The Best Time To Plant A Tree:

An Integrity Slip-Up By A Big Bank:

Wonky Asset Allocation:

Unnecessarily Fancy GICs:

At The ATM With Kids – Part 2:

At The ATM With Kids – Part 1:

Charitable Giving:

Maximize The RRSP And The TFSA:

Passing Down Cottages Successfully:

Why Real Estate Agents Are Golden:

Five Ways To Grow Net Worth:

What Is An Exchange Traded Fund?

Hide Your Cash In Your Bank:

What Are Allowances Really For?

Things You Can Do For Free:

What To Do With Your Tax Refund:

Making Great Life Insurance Decisions:

Dollar Cost Averaging:

Prove You Can Afford A Home:

Don’t Borrow To Invest – Ever:

Lack Of Financial Literacy Drives Industry Profit:

The 21st Century Financial Planner:

Consider The Opposite Action:

What Do Wealthy People Do?

Why Isn’t Every Retiree A Millionaire?

The Bank Bashing Continues:

When Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

Grocery Shopping Tips:

The Importance Of Having A Will:

Be Content With What You Have:

Take Your Lunch To Work:

The Length Of This Bull Stock Market:

Talk With Your Feet:

Money And Stress:

A Few Words On Bitcoin:

A Few Considerations Before You Invest:

It’s Hard To Find Objective Investing Advice:

Christmas Shopping Tips:

Financial Literacy Month:

One Luxury Often Leads To More Luxuries:

Family Financial Gifting 101:

Identity Theft:

Cross Border Shopping:

The Investor’s Behaviour Gap:

Will That Be Debit, Credit Or Cash?

Down-sizing Your Home:

When The Sharks Are Circling:

Shopping Frequency Matters:

The Most Important Financial Number In Your Life:

Money Management And Weight Management Parallels:

The Start Of The New School Year:

The Extra Costs Of Home Ownership:

Don’t Do What Our Governments Do:

Debt Consolidation Is Not The End All:

Asset Allocation Decisions For The RESP:

The Importance Of A Financial Plan:

Home Buying Costs:

Benchmarking Your Mutual Fund Performance:

When You Lose Your Job:

Saying Goodbye To Your Pet:

The Latte Factor:

How Much To Save For Education:

The Best Things In Life Are Free:

The Value Of Renting:

Critical Illness Insurance Explained:

Twenty-Somethings And Money:

Consider The Benefits Of Passive Investing:

Think Twice Before You Consolidate Debt:

Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Don’t Delay:

Bank-Bashing Approaching An All-time High:

The Importance Of Having A Valid Will:

Never Make Big Financial Decisions Quickly:

Asset Allocation Decisions For The RESP:

The Importance Of A Financial Plan:

Parents Paying For Weddings:

Teenagers And Investing:

Understanding Old Age Security:

Understanding The Canada Pension Plan:

Your Net Worth:

Get To Know Your Credit File:

Value For The Fees You Are Paying:

Your Back-Up Plans:

Home Buying Costs:

Desperate Cash Flow Challenges:

What Will Your Financial Legacy Be?

Is It Time to Finally Drop Your Mutual Funds?

New Year’s Resolutions:

Christmas With Thanks And Appreciation:

Twenty-Somethings And Money:

Debt Is Sold:

No Financial Plan?

Life Insurance Defined:

Dealing With Sudden Money:

Happy Halloween:

Defining The Word Rich:

Not Making Enough Money?

Getting Quotes For Big Jobs:

Get To Know Your Credit File:

Manage Your Money Like Your Golf Game:

Your Net Worth:

Recommended Reading:

The Emergency Fund:

The Friend Loan:

The Power Of Compound Interest:

Don’t Forget To Cancel Your Life Insurance:

Knowing Your Children’s Money Personality:

When It Comes To Shopping, Frequency Drives Volume:

Niagara Falls Tourism Fees: Know Your Rights:

It’s July – Time To Look At Your New Year’s Resolutions:

The Importance Of Diversification:

Research On Debt Elimination:

Managing Entertainment Expenses:

The Jones’ Factor:

Kids’ Program Expenses:

Know Your Leaky Spending Category:

Starting Your Own Small Business:

Advertising Messages:

We Make Good Money:

Your Work Pension:

Never Combine Objectives In One Financial Product:

Grandparents And Their Financial Legacy:

Don’t Put Off Your Financial Planning:

Great Grocery Saving Tips:

Accumulating Wealth Requires Good Defense:

What To Avoid With Your RESP:

Active vs. Passive Investing:

What To Do About The RRSP Deadline:

Avoid Sabotaging Your Future Self:

Just Say ‘NO’ To Mortgage Insurance:

Benefits Of The Spousal RRSP:

Life Insurance Explained:

Mutual Fund Fees – Little Things Do Matter:

Retire Earlier – Take Your Lunch To Work:

Putting Trust Back In The Financial Industry:

Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse:

New Year’s Resolutions Should Be SMART:

Being Thankful During The Holidays:

How To Handle Sudden Money:

Saving For Retirement – Let’s Get Real:

Be Thankful And Live Below Your Means:

Replacing Your Car:

Holiday Shopping:

Savings Accounts:

The Emergency Fund:

Allowances For Children:

Reducing Household Debt:

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