Take a Few Simple Steps to Reduce your Hydro Bill

When it comes to saving money few people think about the Hydro bill as a place to hunt, yet there are several simple steps we can all do to save 30% or more each year (yes, 30%!) while also going (a little more) green. It starts with lights, heaters and ceiling fans. When you leave… Continue Reading

‘Best of the Best’ Grocery Saving Tips

There was a lot of interest in the bottom half of this list two weeks ago – so here are the top 6… Grocery shopping may never be the same in your household! #6. When buying fresh fruits and vegetables try to buy them in-season, but if not buy them frozen. In-season produce is tasty… Continue Reading

Groceries are NOT a fixed household expense

A lot of people assume that the monthly grocery bill is one of those expenses in the home that just is what it is. A most common refrain is this: “We’re a family of four. We spend $1,200 a month on groceries no matter what we do… More if we're hosting. That’s just what it… Continue Reading

Teenagers and Money

The best research studies often lead to unexpected insights. A few years back, several hundred young adults in their 20s were surveyed on what they wished their parents had taught them growing up. The results were a little surprising. They wished they had been taught how to limit debt, how to save and invest, how… Continue Reading

Buckley’s – for your wallet

“Why are we spending SO MUCH MONEY lately?! Surely we could live on far less if we just decided to cut back once and for all!” Does this sound familiar? A brief review of credit card and bank statements confirms department stores, clothing stores, restaurants and ‘cash withdrawals’ are the culprits. The next month begins… Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions that stick

If you have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions, you’re not alone. We’re supposed to make them every year. They’ll make us better people, and if we only stuck to them we’d be richer, thinner and smarter. But we don’t stick to them. New habits are tough to create and sustain, and the rewards… Continue Reading

The most important number in your financial life…

It’s tough to argue that the most important number in your financial life is your net worth. You calculate it by adding up all your cash, assets, house value, investment statements and cash surrender value of your life insurance and subtract from this sum all of your debt, mortgage, and any other amounts owing. Put… Continue Reading

Avoid purchasing too much house

For those of you who have ever purchased a home, this conversation might sound familiar to you: Buyer: “We would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage please.” Banker: “Great. Let me pull credit bureaus on you both and see what your credit history looks like. You’ve already provided me with the type of house… Continue Reading

Mortgage Insurance: A good idea or not?

There is one financial product that many people purchase without even remembering they said ‘yes’. It is offered at a stressful and emotional time for an individual or couple who are about to make the biggest purchase of their life. The price seems paltry compared to the mortgage payment they’ve just agreed to, and the… Continue Reading

“Why is there no money at month’s end?”

I hear this question perhaps more than any other. “Why is it that, no matter what we do, there is never any money left at the end of the month?” I typically answer this question in one of two ways. First, “what is so magical about month-end that you think there a pile of cash… Continue Reading

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