Weight Management & Money Management

For many, managing money is like managing weight.

You get burned by a purchase or gain a few pounds, you feel lousy. You save $100 or lose a few pounds, you feel great.
But winning over the long haul requires sustainable, and proven strategies. And the strategies to succeed in both categories are very similar.

Allow me to share a few:

Little things matter, and they do add up.

Having a system to track daily progress will help close behavioural gaps.

Setting long term goals is important.

Writing those goals down helps people achieve them.

Limit your snacking between meals, and don’t go shopping when you come into ‘sudden money’.

Educating oneself is always a smart thing to do.

As is learning from those who are successful themselves.

Having an accountability partner is important.

And finally, the occasional splurge is not the end of the world.

We all want to live an enjoyable and meaningful life. However, only living for today can really hurt your tomorrow. Staying fit financially and physically does take some discipline and will power, but no one regrets the trade-offs made when, later in life, the benefits come back tenfold.

So if you struggle with money or weight or both, reflect on these winning tactics – you may be closer to success than you think.

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