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Tackling Household Debt: Winning The Battle For Your Wallet

Imagine that there are incredibly strong individuals up against you in an intense battle.  They are working hard to exploit your weaknesses, building strategies to break you down, and doing everything in their power to beat you.  And you don’t even know you’re in the battle. Unfortunately, most Canadians find themselves in this position when… Continue Reading

A Few Words On Household Debt

There are so many headlines regarding household debt in Canada these days.  One day we’ll read that debt is at an all-time high and heading towards a U.S.-like bubble; the next day, we’ll read that Canadians are far more responsible than our neighbours to the south and that debt is increasing but at a declining… Continue Reading

Planning The Holiday Season Budget

It’s amazing how the first snowfall, the first Christmas carol, or the first day of December can trigger a generous spirit and an outpouring of hard-earned money towards so many things. To avoid January regrets, plan ahead for the upcoming holidays.  The bills will come, and they’ll need to be paid so there’s no time… Continue Reading

Doing The Right Thing Month After Month

You might be planning to run your first 10km.  You might be trying to lose 10 pounds.  Whatever the goal, it is always best to do some research, perhaps get professional advice, write down your goal, and break it down into manageable ‘baby steps’. If you try to accomplish these goals in too short of… Continue Reading

What Is Negotiable In Retail?

When it comes to a lifetime of purchasing, one of the smartest things you can do is to spend less than regular retail prices. And when it comes to most of the big purchases (and many of the small purchases too), you don’t have to wait for a sale – you just have to ask… Continue Reading

The Real Cost Of Buying Your Lunch Every Day

Buying your lunch every day at work might seem like a small and inexpensive pleasure.  The question for today is “What is the real cost of buying your lunch instead of taking it from home?” You may have heard about the ‘Latte Effect’.  In the personal finance world it is the phrase coined by David… Continue Reading

If Only I Made 10% More

Here is a common refrain:  “If only I made 10% more, I’d be set for life.” In all my experience assisting people with their finances, at no time have I believed this was true. Most employment income follows a relatively steady trend of inflation (plus or minus) each year.  Early on in the career, there… Continue Reading

How to Control your Spending

There comes a point in just about everyone’s life when you decide you want to limit your spending. Maybe it’s your overall spending to get rid of some debt or as you prepare for a fixed-income retirement, or perhaps you just want to reduce your spending in a particular ‘leaky’ category. No matter the reason,… Continue Reading

This might seem simple: Frequency Drives Volume.

Shocking news: The more often you shop, the more you buy. This is true in just about every category – whether it is groceries, clothes, shoes or your favourite collecting hobby. What most people don’t think about is that a habit of shopping frequently can drain financial resources away from more important areas in their… Continue Reading

Buckley’s – for your wallet

“Why are we spending SO MUCH MONEY lately?! Surely we could live on far less if we just decided to cut back once and for all!” Does this sound familiar? A brief review of credit card and bank statements confirms department stores, clothing stores, restaurants and ‘cash withdrawals’ are the culprits. The next month begins… Continue Reading

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