What If A Day Was 24 Hours And 4 Minutes?

If there is one thing we’re all pretty good at, it’s filling our days.  I’ve asked a number of people recently, “How do you spend your time in a typical day?”

For the average employed worker a weekday generally follows a pattern like this:

Work usually takes up 7-10 hours a day, plus the commute;

Preparing meals, cleaning up, chores and shopping take up another 2 hours a day;

Family time is generally “not enough” but average 1-2 hours a day (this might include eating together; sitting in front of the TV together; catching up on the day; etc.);

Personal time which includes exercise, reading and socializing (in-person, online & telephone) is another 1-2 hours;

The rest is sleeping.

But most people have worries, and time is taken up (whether dedicated or not) to dealing with worries about today and tomorrow.  Sleep, health, relationships and performance at work can all be affected.  Looking at the above list of how people spend their time, one might pose the question:  “How much time is spent working on productive solutions to worries, whatever they are?”

For those with money concerns, it’s amazing how little time is needed to alleviate them when that precious resource of time is directed well.  For my clients 4 minutes a day, 30 minutes each weekend and an hour at the end of each month is all that is needed to manage their money better and:

  • Help them sleep better;
  • Tell them where their money is going;
  • Assist in planning the future;
  • Get them aligned with loved ones;
  • Have them working smarter;
  • Allow them to retire earlier.

When it comes to solving money worries, many people turn to one of thousands of personal finance books lining the local Chapters store, and might try something new for awhile, but inevitably it doesn’t work and the ‘system’ doesn’t exactly fit their situation.

Others turn to friends for advice, or try to build some accountability into their life by building a budget centered around the word ‘No’.  This may work for a couple of months but typically breaks down, because winning with money is a marathon – not a sprint.  It takes a tailored approach that works over decades to succeed in the long run.

As a professional Money Coach and Certified Financial Planner®, I am able to customize solutions that meet my clients’ unique needs.  And I am accountable for the results.  Past clients have rated my service with an average rating of 9.8 out of 10.0 on the surveyed question ‘How likely are you to refer a friend?’  We tackle worries head on, whether it is a looming retirement, debt reduction, cash flow, investing questions or developing great money habits for children.

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