Sometimes a Few Words are Worth a Good Picture

I frequently receive heart-warming feedback on my unique brand of flat-fee financial planning and money coaching. A few days ago I received this testimonial that I thought I would share to help communicate the value I am honoured to bring to my clients’ lives.

“As my husband had managed our finances for 32 years, I had little experience and confidence with money matters. However, from our first meeting, with his positive, encouraging, non-judgmental attitude, Trevor made me feel so comfortable – my thinking was just as valued as my husband’s. Over the course of several months, as he created a brilliant, innovative financial plan for us, Trevor got both of us excited about our financial future, and helped me to become confident in my ability to understand and participate in our on-going financial health.

Trevor’s professionalism is unparalleled; his comprehension, preparation, and presentation of our financial picture was first-class. As a teacher, I recognize that Trevor uses a variety of tools for a variety of learners: charts, diagrams, word explanations, analogies, on-line, hard copy, reference books, whatever the need and learning style of his audience, Trevor is an excellent teacher.

Apart from educating us, Trevor counselled us on: how to raise kids with good money sense, how to be financially equitable within families and wills, how to be generous without enabling. He coached us on Christmas giving, Education funds, Weddings, helping adult children financially, what to do and – especially – what not to do. Knowing that families so often come apart over money issues, we were deeply grateful for this personal aspect of Trevor’s service, which goes above and beyond the interest of most money advisors.

Trevor is an exceptional Financial Coach but he is also a Life Coach, a Counsellor. A man of honesty, integrity, a man of Faith, Trevor is one professional we will keep with us on our journey through retirement.

Really, Trevor’s expertise is so valuable that, in the end, we are indebted to him only.”

– Elle Hanson, Niagara-On-The-Lake

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