Managing Money is Like the Game of Golf

The game of golf is often compared to how we live our lives – there are a lot of parallels and the analogies are easy to come up with. Have you ever compared golf to how you should manage your money? Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Never expect an eagle on your scorecard – but when it happens it, celebrate it.

Avoiding an 8 on a hole is far more important than taking risks for a chance at the birdie.

You can expect to be in the odd sand trap from time to time. What’s more important than avoiding them, is knowing how to get out of them.

Your character truly shows when disaster strikes. Playing one shot at a time, and not letting your emotions get the better of you, is how you score well over a complete round.

Don’t expect a great result right before the words ‘I’m just going to go for it and see what happens!’ That’s the time when you should consider the benefits of a safe play, to avoid disaster.

Honesty isn’t just the best policy – it’s expected as part of the etiquette of golf. Character combined with a great work ethic will always be rewarded. Do what is best for your neighbour, and your reputation will precede you.

So the next time you’re out playing a round, think about how you manage money. Get out of your troubles by focusing on your next action, appreciate your small wins, avoid big risks and don’t forget the value of a professional’s guidance from time to time.

If you want to succeed over your ‘lifetime’ (or ‘next round’), do what is in your best interest each ‘year’ (or ‘hole’) and you’ll have every reason to be pleased with the results.

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