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We all have questions when it comes to our finances.

It’s possible you’ve read many of the best-selling financial authors, and are on top of your spending, investing, insurance and cash flow.  Your retirement and education funds may be fully funded, and you’re enjoying a surplus every month thanks to a lifestyle that is far below your means.  You have wills in place, no debt, your investments are beating your expectations, and you understand your home and auto insurance policies.  You paid off your mortgage five years ago.  You are giving your children just the right allowance that motivates them to earn more, while teaching them the basics of money management… Then there’s the other 98% of us.

As a Money Coach and Certified Financial Planner®, I am qualified to provide advice across numerous areas.  I help answer the question “Where is my money going each month?”, educate across a spectrum of products, complete cash flow, retirement and education projections, conduct insurance and investment statement reviews, and of course provide objective input across a number of financial decisions facing my clients.  I answer questions like “How much allowance should we give our children?”, “When can we retire?”, How do I get rid of my debt?”, “How should we invest our inheritance?” and “How much house can we afford?”.

There are times when my clients are seeking the services of a licensed legal, accounting, insurance or investment representative.  As I’ve said, I don’t sell any financial products.  That way, I am able to maintain complete objectivity, since my compensation is not tied in any way to the financial products my clients purchase.

The good news:  I have an extensive network of financial professionals who are licensed to sell products.  And this network has become a wonderful asset for my clients.  Since most people aren’t sure where to turn when they need a financial product, they may default to opening the Yellow Pages, closing their eyes and pointing.  Or worse, Google.  You need to be careful when selecting the professionals who you will depend on.  My network is a great place to start.

I have known everyone in my network for many, many years.  They all have a fabulous reputation for client focus, customer satisfaction and fair prices.  They range from accountants, lawyers, investment advisors, insurance brokers (Life, Disability, Health, Home and Auto), mortgage brokers, bankers and real estate agents.

The fact is, most of us need experts on our side who can provide the products needed for a healthy, risk-managed, individualized financial plan.  As a Money Coach, I act as the ‘hub’ in the wheel for my clients, ensuring each and every spoke is taken care of.

And, importantly, I have no financial ties to any of these providers.  None.

When you’re asking yourself a question that pertains to your financial health, don’t rely on chance.  It’s too important.  Avoid the friend of a friend of your brother-in-law and seek a recommendation from someone you trust.

Take control of your finances today.

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