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Saving That Down Payment

So you want to buy a home.  The financial part can be overwhelming.  In fact, the planning for the purchase may need to happen years before you step over your first owned threshold. And saving that down payment is crucial. But where do you start? This may be the toughest part:  You need to spend… Continue Reading

How To Pay For Those Windows

While I’m a big proponent of saving cash for medium to long term purchases – whether it is for your next trip, your next car or some new furniture – sometimes it just isn’t possible. If you start saving for a big renovation which needs to get done next year, chances are you won’t have… Continue Reading

To Buy Or To Rent Your Home?

Everyone has an opinion on this one.  The usual arguments FOR renting include:  the overall lower monthly cost, low/no maintenance, no taxes, fixed (or all-in) utilities, no renovations and no risk to interest rate increases.  On the homeowners’ side you will hear the following arguments FOR owning:  tax-free asset appreciation, the ‘value’ of ownership, no… Continue Reading

When Financing A Car: Buy Or Lease?

The honest answer is ‘neither’, but let’s start by understanding the two most popular alternatives. Financing the Purchase:  Lease With a lease, your monthly payments are known, and the vehicle is typically newer and under warranty so repairs do not typically need to be worked into your budget beyond oil changes.  Monthly lease payments will… Continue Reading

Take a Few Simple Steps to Reduce your Hydro Bill

When it comes to saving money few people think about the Hydro bill as a place to hunt, yet there are several simple steps we can all do to save 30% or more each year (yes, 30%!) while also going (a little more) green. It starts with lights, heaters and ceiling fans. When you leave… Continue Reading

‘Best of the Best’ Grocery Saving Tips

There was a lot of interest in the bottom half of this list two weeks ago – so here are the top 6… Grocery shopping may never be the same in your household! #6. When buying fresh fruits and vegetables try to buy them in-season, but if not buy them frozen. In-season produce is tasty… Continue Reading

Groceries are NOT a fixed household expense

A lot of people assume that the monthly grocery bill is one of those expenses in the home that just is what it is. A most common refrain is this: “We’re a family of four. We spend $1,200 a month on groceries no matter what we do… More if we're hosting. That’s just what it… Continue Reading

Avoid purchasing too much house

For those of you who have ever purchased a home, this conversation might sound familiar to you: Buyer: “We would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage please.” Banker: “Great. Let me pull credit bureaus on you both and see what your credit history looks like. You’ve already provided me with the type of house… Continue Reading

Understanding Primary Residence Rules – for those with 2

For those who have more than one property, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to designating the right property as your ‘primary residence’ for tax purposes. There is a primary residence capital gains exemption available for one property for each married or common law couple in Canada. This means when… Continue Reading

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