Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

According to Statistics Canada, the six most common spoken languages in Canada are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese but there are a couple of Latin words you should know something about. Caveat Emptor means ‘Let the buyer beware’.  These are two little words that will have you pulling your hair out at some… Continue Reading

Just Say ‘NO’ To Bank Fees

There are some fees that really get under my skin – but none more than banking fees.  Almost without fail I see people paying anywhere from $9.95 up to $50 a month for the privilege of having a chequing account at a big bank. Let me break down the fees that most banks charge:  Monthly… Continue Reading

“I Want That”

How is it that an annoying 3-year old’s demand has become a major electronic company’s advertising slogan?  Perhaps as a society we are simply accepting the reality that our consumerism is no longer about satisfying our ‘needs’, but rather all about satisfying our ‘wants’. Of course, it is one thing for a company to observe… Continue Reading

Don’t Do What Our Governments Do

When you hear about our federal or provincial government deficits, it’s always interesting to take note of the language used. It’s rare that you hear that our deficit is actually in decline. We usually hear a politician bragging that the deficit is growing at a slower rate, or that a government is trying to grow… Continue Reading

Charity at the Checkout

Is it just me? Is it just me who is annoyed every time I’m forced to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when asked if I want to contribute to some obscure charity at the check-out counter? In my book, charitable giving is a very personal thing. My wife and I try to keep our giving to… Continue Reading

Is Bank Bashing at an All-time Peak?

When we look at the popular culture of late, you’d think that the big banks were robbing the poor to feed the rich. Just look at the premises of recent American movies ‘The Big Short’ and ‘Going In Style’ – where big financial institutions are being blamed for the fall of… Continue Reading

34 months of effort wiped out in 10 minutes

It sounds like an Olympic dream dashed by a fall. It was actually our mortgage principal balance backing up almost three years due to one brilliant marketing piece, and one bad decision. And yes, caveat emptor - Latin for ‘buyer beware’! What better example to share than one where you are the principal player? I… Continue Reading

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