Great Financial Planning Starts With A Will

There are many components to a strong financial plan:  Living within your means, saving for medium-term purchases, investing towards long term goals, having the right insurance in place, minimizing taxes throughout your life, and having a valid will and estate plan. You are not alone if you have ignored this last one.  According to a… Continue Reading

Is Group Life Insurance For You?

One of the most important pillars of any financial plan is life insurance.  Insuring your life is one way to help your loved ones cope financially with the loss of your life.  Without it, families of the deceased may find themselves needing to sell their home, downgrade their lifestyle and even cash out retirement funds just to… Continue Reading

The Emergency Fund

Here’s a blast from the past that I love more than ever – the emergency fund. It is meant for the inevitable financial surprises that can happen at any time. You know what they are – a dripping faucet, roof or hot water tank. A tooth. Being asked to be in a wedding party. They… Continue Reading

Mortgage Insurance: A good idea or not?

There is one financial product that many people purchase without even remembering they said ‘yes’. It is offered at a stressful and emotional time for an individual or couple who are about to make the biggest purchase of their life. The price seems paltry compared to the mortgage payment they’ve just agreed to, and the… Continue Reading

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