Paying For Your Child’s Wedding

Life is expensive.  Weddings are more so.  The average cost of a wedding in Canada is now between $22,000 and $25,000.  This is the equivalent of 4 years tuition today – an astronomical number for those who were married a generation earlier for far less than half the price. The increased popularity of TV shows… Continue Reading

Children And Financial Literacy

I have a teacher friend who did me the favour of asking some questions of her Grade 3-4 students… The responses provide some wisdom for us all: Q1: “When do you know you’re rich?” From one: “When you have fancy houses, fancy clothes and a fancy car.” From another “I consider $50 rich because it’s… Continue Reading

Teenagers and Money

The best research studies often lead to unexpected insights. A few years back, several hundred young adults in their 20s were surveyed on what they wished their parents had taught them growing up. The results were a little surprising. They wished they had been taught how to limit debt, how to save and invest, how… Continue Reading

Thinking about gifting money to your adult child?

A topic that often comes up with my clients in their 50s, 60s and 70s is that of assisting their grown children (aged 20-40) financially. There are many good reasons to help out your adult children these days, especially if you can afford it. Whether it is assisting with a down payment on a home,… Continue Reading

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