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Charitable Giving 101

Have you heard of Giving Tuesday?  While not too well known yet, it follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a relief to the consumerism that grips North America around the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, there’s never a bad time to be generous.  Knowing what your money can do for any number of charities,… Continue Reading

Success Factors For The Small Business Owner

I am often asked how a Money Coaching engagement is different for self-employed clients.  The fact is, every client engagement is unique, and each requires tailored content and customized advice.  And yes, small business owners are a different breed.  For any number of reasons they have walked away from a salaried position and followed their… Continue Reading

Get to know your Workplace Pension

If you have a workplace retirement plan or pension, get to know it! When it comes to work plans, there are basically two types of pensions: defined benefit and defined contribution. With a defined benefit pension – common for teachers, hospital workers, government employees and some (rare) company employees – the plan promises to pay… Continue Reading

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