Discipline might be the thing missing

Just this past week I received a telemarketing call from a bank. They were pleased to offer me an interest rate of under 3% for whatever I might need. And would I have interest in taking advantage of this special rate? Now, this might seem like a normal call anyone might receive these days. But… Continue Reading

Sometimes a Few Words are Worth a Good Picture

I frequently receive heart-warming feedback on my unique brand of flat-fee financial planning and money coaching. A few days ago I received this testimonial that I thought I would share to help communicate the value I am honoured to bring to my clients' lives. "As my husband had managed our finances for 32 years, I… Continue Reading

The most important number in your financial life…

It’s tough to argue that the most important number in your financial life is your net worth. You calculate it by adding up all your cash, assets, house value, investment statements and cash surrender value of your life insurance and subtract from this sum all of your debt, mortgage, and any other amounts owing. Put… Continue Reading

Two little words you shouldn’t ignore

According to Statistics Canada, the six most common spoken languages in Canada are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese but there are a couple of Latin words you should know something about. Caveat emptor means ‘Let the buyer beware’ and I touched on this last time. These are two little words that will have… Continue Reading

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